Painting with bold colors hanging on wall in a gallery.

Election Day Shortlist

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On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the galleries at the Wexner Center for the Arts will be open to view all of the fall exhibitions for free. Come to experience Free Space, a microcinema and community resource lounge, Tomashi Jackson’s exhibition, Love Rollercoaster, Steve McQueen’s Remember Me, and more.

Maybe you can’t get to the Wex today, understandable. But perhaps while you are out and about, check out the Art for Action initiative, a partnership between the Wex and Orange Barrel Media. Ohio-based artists featured in this project include Joy Annorzie, David Michael Butler, Bobby T. Luck, Lisa McLymont, Stephanie Rond, and others.

The Wex, Orange Barrel Media Partner on Art for Action voting campaign

Maybe you will find yourself waiting today, tomorrow, a few days from now, at home, in line, or at work. No need to wait in silence. Check out Tomashi Jackson’s “Love Rollercoaster” playlist featuring the Ohio Players—just some of music she listened to while in the studio making work for the Wex exhibition.

Election day will come and go, but the results are forever. Join us for some post-election dialogue as part of the Diversities in Practice Series: Tomashi Jackson in conversation with Nia K. Evans, Prentiss Haney, Lisa Owens, and Marshall Shorts, on November 9, at 7pm.

Close up of collage and painting with bold colors.

After all is said and done, perhaps you are looking for solace or would rather take a deep breath and engage in calm during these times of precarity. Maybe you can find a comfortable space at home or in your office and join us on Instagram or Facebook on Wednesdays at 12pm for On Pause, a creative series of free art and mediation workshops in partnership with Replenish: The Spa Co-op.

Please vote. Take care.

Image: Tomashi Jackson, I Want To Be Free (O-H-I-O)(Bad Bargain)(2012 Cuyahoga County Voting Line)(2016 Butler County Voting Line). Courtesy of the artist and Tilton Gallery, New York

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