Two museum visitors looking down at photos in a plexiglass display case.

“Museums & Race” Transformation and Justice Lounge

Museums & Race is a group of museum professionals centering diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion work in and around arts and cultural institutions. This past week, Museums & Race hosted a chat on Twitter discussing the word “radical” and how this word is showing up in public discourse, especially in current conversations imagining arts and culture in and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Find remnants of that thread archived on the timeline of @MuseumsandRace on Twitter.

Next week May 18-20, 2020, Museums & Race will hold a Transformation and Justice Lounge, “Imagine a [Radical] Future.” For accessibility, this event is pay what you can/donation based. See the conference schedule and register here:


Find more on the work of Museums & Race here:

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