In this photo from a 1949 National Coal Board film, Robeson sings the labor ballad I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill to the Scottish miners

LaToya Ruby Frazier May Day Playlist

“This playlist is dedicated to all the essential workers, healthcare workers, the poor, working-class people of this nation and all around the world, to the uninsured, disabled, detained, to the prisoners, to the sick who can’t get their medication because politicians and pharmaceutical companies would rather line their pockets, to the elderly abandoned in nursing homes, to all the teachers who have died, to the unclaimed bodies being buried in mass graves, to all those who mourn loved ones taken out by this virus, to the farmworkers that fascist capitalists proclaim that this is not your land when history tells us it rightfully is your land — thank you for feeding this nation during this pandemic and ensuing famine, to the homeless and people in the nation who have no clean water access, or access to water in order to wash your hands, to the climate activists, first nations and indigenous people that continue to take a stand with their bodies on the line against fossil fuel companies that keep polluting and contaminating the earth and water thank you. To the 26.5 million U.S. workers that have filed for unemployment, It is never too late for the people to unite and fight for a more equal, just, humane, and sustainable life.”

With unwavering Solidarity and Love,
LaToya Ruby Frazier


Playlist (including the titles of songs and artist names) first appeared here:

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The photo is from a 1949 National Coal Board film where Paul Robeson sings the labor ballad I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill to miners.
Credit: Mining Review 2nd Year No. 11, Data Film Productions, 1949.

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