William Evans speaking at the microphone

Listen: William Evans

Writer, poet, editor-in-chief of Black Nerd Problems, and former Pages artist-in-residence, William Evans has a new book, We Inherit What the Fires Left. In some ways, this title is most fitting for these extraordinary times. Inside Evans takes a deep look at generations of living. The poems are personal, and reflect on elders, ancestors, offspring, the self, threading together a life inside of dreams, injuries, margins, and white spaces. William’s words are sober and smart, as he digs through truths and wades through a blood line backwards and forwards.

William Evans was set to host the midwest launch of his book at the Wex. Instead, as we keep our distance, and the Center is temporarily closed, William invites us into his home  to hear him read excerpts from his new book, We Inherit What the Fires Left.



photo: courtesy of the artist

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