Sunday Matinee at the Wex: Composers Timothy W. Holley and Karen Walwyn, Curated by Mark Lomax

“We don’t have a lot of performances in Columbus by African American concert musicians, and I felt like this was an opportune times to change that.” –Mark Lomax, musician, composer, educator


April 7th at 2:00 pm, cellist Timothy W. Holley, associate professor of music at North Carolina Central University, and pianist, composer, and recording artist Karen Walwyn, associate professor at Howard University, will journey through an array of classical music pieces.

Their performance, featuring works by African American composers, will draw attention to how African Americans have shaped classical music. The program will include pieces by Wexner Center Artist Residency recipient Mark Lomax II, Adolphus Hailstork, Tania León, Dorothy Rudd Moore, Florence Price, Trevor Weston, and more.

pa_timothyholley_header_421 Studios_1920x847

Holley’s Webpage:

photo courtesy of artist_desktop
Walwyn’s Webpage:;





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