Alex and Renée Shumate

Often, success is masked by a facade of the individual. However, a recent article in Capital Style highlights some of Ohio’s “Dynamic Duos,” which notes how success owns the persona of joined strength, as a lesson and validation of teamwork. Named one of central Ohio’s “most notable pairs,” Alex and Renée Shumate are accomplished leaders within the central Ohio community.

Shilling, Will. "Alex and Renee Shumate." Capital Style. Photo. n.d. Retrieved from
Shilling, Will. “Alex and Renee Shumate.” Capital Style. Photo. n.d. Retrieved from <;

In the interview, the couple describes their lives as independently adept halves of a whole. The pair illuminates the essence of their strength while revealing insight as to their choice propensity, portraying an immense investment and local involvement in the central Ohio community.

As inspiring examples of achievement and leadership, Alex and Renée Shumate depict success as not merely anchored in individual endeavor, but rather an equal balance of support and communication.

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